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· Express your concerns to Mayor Brian Bowman and City Councillors about the installation of cell antennas by our homes, schools and workplaces that will be emitting 4G and 5G radiation, because long-term human exposure to it has not been tested for safety.

· It seems that decisions are being made now to set the course for the 5G rollout in Winnipeg. If the antennas are installed, it will be difficult to impose any decision to require antenna removal or cessation of radiation emissions. Presently, no pre-installation public consultations are required for the smaller antennas that would be installed on “non-tower structures” such as lamp posts and hydro poles. If these same antennas were to be installed on towers, public consultation would be required.

· A template letter is attached.

· A petition that you can print to collect signatures is attached.

· 5G Winnipeg Awareness would appreciate receiving a copy of any responses you receive.


1. At what stage is the 5G rollout in Winnipeg?

2. Given the many health concerns and lack of any long-term human health safety testing, what is your position on the rollout of 5G and installation of small cell antennas (some presently emit 4G) in residential areas close to homes and schools?

3. Will you represent me by writing a letter of non-concurrence, i.e. that you oppose these 4G and 5G cell antennas in residential areas?

4. Will you insist on full community consultations prior to making any decision about the rollout of small 4G/5G antennas, hosted by the City, and well publicized in advance of each consultation opportunity?

5. Will you ensure the public will be informed when macro sites are being upgraded to 5G or when 5G antennas are co-located at existing sites?

6. Will you pass a resolution similar to that of Sutton Quebec?

Sutton unanimously passed a resolution in December 2019, to request the federal government, following the precautionary principle, to decree a moratorium on the deployment of the 5G cellular network, until the various studies reach a consensus on the absence of risk and impact of 5G cell technology on health and the environment.

For the original French language version see:

You may also want to mention sections in the Winnipeg Antenna Systems Policy

The Policy states: 2.2 Role of the City. “The ultimate role of the City is to issue a statement of concurrence or non-concurrence to the Proponents and Industry Canada [this federal department was renamed to Innovation, Science and Economic Development]. The statement considers the land use compatibility of the antenna system, the responses of the affected residents and the Proponents adherence to this Policy. The city also guides and facilitates the siting process by:… establishing a community consultation process, where warranted.”

To find out which ward you live in, go to and enter your street address into the search dialogue box. If you wish to email your Councillor through the City of Winnipeg website go to:

If you choose to send a letter, the postal address is:

Councillor’s name

Winnipeg City Hall

510 Main Street

Winnipeg, MB  R3B 1B9